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Palmdale is the UK’s No 1 car-finding company, specialising in finding cars for expats relocating to the UK from overseas


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Find the exact car you want

Give you the options for cash purchase, leasing, finance & rental cars

Help you apply for finance without any UK credit history

Give plenty of helpful and expert advice on the best car for you

Get you a car at the right price and within your budget
Get the car ready for your arrival

Let you focus on your move whilst we do all the hard work

So you won’t have to

Go anywhere near a car dealer

Be worried if the car you’ve found is any good

Pay too much for the car

Be restricted to a cash-only purchase

Be convinced by a dealer to buy the wrong car

Take time out of work to find your car

Travelling miles to see a car that turns out to be no good anyway

Customer reviews

My name is Amith Singh. I arrived in the UK in March 2019 upon acceptance of a job offer from Siemens in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Being new to the country, I had no credit history and found it rather difficult to obtain finance for a motor vehicle until I was introduced to Palmdale Motors.

To my surprise, they responded almost immediately to my request by getting in touch with me. The process was discussed and documentation followed the next day. With that, they arranged finance for me and assigned one of their team to take care of the car search on my behalf. Within a week, I had a shortlist to choose from and although this was to the specifications I had requested, they went out on another search to ensure that I received the best car out there in the market. Once this was done, the finance deal was closed and the car was delivered to me in a week, followed by the registration documents a week later in the post.

During this entire time I was receiving regular calls from my contacts ensuring that I was kept in the loop of proceedings. They went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable wit the deal and the car when delivered. Their approach to customer approach and satisfaction is commendable.

Needless to state, I am very delighted with my new car and the special attention received from Palmdale so much so that I have no reservations in recommending Palmdale Motors to my friends and colleagues. This experience epitomises customer service.

Thank you for a smooth, painless experience and for putting me at ease throughout our journey together. With best regards

Nissan Qashqai (2 years old)
Amith Singh

Thank you Palmdale team for an outstanding job of finding me the “ideal” car.

When I started looking for a car I thought of doing it on my own. But having just arrived in the UK and not knowing the intricacies of the car retail business I soon felt the task too much for me. Fortunately a colleague of mine happened to be a very happy Palmdale customer and he energetically recommended their services. I toyed with the idea for a while and when I realized I could not handle it I reached out to them. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Since our first contact the professionalism, friendliness and patience were the hallmarks of an outstanding customer experience. At all times I felt that my interests were being properly understood, represented and acted on. Whenever there were issues I was immediately informed and a solution was proposed.

I ended up with a really nice car that met all my requirements at the right price.

The team at Palmdale are an excellent example of what customer service should be. So don’t waste your time trying to navigate the tricky car sales business and trust Palmdale to do it for you.

Mercedes C-Class (6 months old)
Pedro Figueira


All clients get access to our 10 YEAR BUY-BACK GUARANTEE, where we promise to buy the car back from you when you return home.

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