Car Leasing

The simplest way to get a brand-new car

5 Things you need to know about car leasing

UK credit history is not required

You always get a brand-new car

Terms vary from 2 to 4 years

Fixed term, so very difficult to end early or extend

You may not have all the documents needed as soon as you arrive, however, we can always arrange a rental car

A lease car is easy because the car is always brand new and there is even the option to include maintenance.

The cost will vary depending on the type of car, how long you want it for and how many miles you plan to cover a year.

Because you will never own the car, you will be expected to return it in the same condition as it was supplied.

How to get help

Contact us to arrange a free initial call

Have the call with one of our car-buying experts

Decide which level of service you’d like

Let us find you an amazing car

Things the finance company will ask for

  • Proof of UK employment and income
  • Proof of a permanent residence in the UK
  • Proof of a UK bank account
  • Proof of a driving licence (from anywhere in the world)

For more details on leasing, arrange a call with one of our team now

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